Adding Value to your eCommerce Platform


  • Eliminate payment processing fees
  • Improve your fraud protection and minimize your risk
  • Ditch sales tax and quarterly filings
  • Detailed accounting and reporting

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We were spending over 10% of our sales on processing fees, staff to manage fraud and sales tax accounting.  With Gapp Commerce, the decision was easy.

An extension of Your eCommerce Team

Gapp Commerce will join your team to acquire responsibility for payment processing, fraud management, sales tax, and chargebacks on your existing platform.  We have automated systems and a dedicated team to support you and your business.  Our expert staff and seamless integration can save you valuable time and money.  Contact us today and we will explain how we can improve your eCommerce experience.

Merchant of Record by Gapp Commerce

Becoming Merchant of Record

Merchant of Record (MoR) is typically referred to as the organization that is financially liable by the acquiring bank to process payments.  With this responsibility comes risks, regulations, and compliance.  Becoming your Merchant of Record is where we will save you the most money and frustration.

Fraud Protection

Single Cost Structure

As the Merchant of Record, Gapp Commerce takes on all the fees from the Payment processors, all the fees from Tax Jurisdictions and all the fees affiliated with Fraud and provides a single “percent of sale” cost structure for you.

Not only did Gapp Commerce completely reduce our liability and exposure, but they also saved us a ton of money.

Breakdown of our Solution

When you join with Gapp Commerce, a dedicated account specialist will be with you from the start.  They will assist you with configuring your existing eCommerce platform with the Gapp Commerce payment gateway.  The payment gateway can be configured with 150+ shopping cart implementations.  Your account specialist will also help you with tax configurations with your products.  As orders begin to process through the payment gateway, a dedicated team of fraud experts will analyze and review suspicious orders and minimize fraud.  In some cases, manual review of orders will take place.  There is an online portal where you will have 100% transparency into all of your transactions, fraud, sales tax, and accounting.  And to compliment all of this, we have an excellent customer support team to guide you though issues or concerns.