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A research firm, Survata, surveyed many business owners and their challenges with financial payment technologies.  Of the survey, 25% of businesses experienced a chargeback resulting in loss of product, loss of payment, and potentially losing their payment provider.  Another 8% of those surveyed experienced ten or more instances of customer payment fraud.  An article from Forbes indicates that online fraud will rise 106% over the next three years.

Fraud can cause serious disruptions for business owners, which is how we came up with the idea of Gapp Commerce.  We developed a portal and payment gateway that would link to existing eCommerce platforms to provide fraud analysis, sales tax reporting, and payment aggregation for customers.  With these automations combined with experts in the eCommerce industry, we would have a winning solution to protect our customer and to lower their costs while still making a profit.

As we bounced the idea off acquirers, financial institutions and card brands, they still had reservations about how much risk we would be taking on.  We were a little disappointed but were not ready to give up yet.  As part of our automated system, we built in the concept of holding a fraud reserve.  As we began to receive revenue, we would start directing a portion of that revenue into a fraud reserve account to provide protection against future chargebacks.  This seemed like an idea that was already in place with other Payment Facilitators out there, but we felt we could custom tailor it for our line of business.  This solution seemed to cover the small-scale fraud concerns, but there was still the concern of a large fraud breach that put us at risk.  This is when we investigated a cyber liability policy to cover our customers and ourselves.

At this point, we felt confident that we had a solution that customers could rely on and trust.  Customers look to us to provide expert consulting and industry knowledge.  Please give us a call today and let us show you how we can save you money!

Our Advantage

Our unique and patent pending process of performing Merchant of Record services is what makes us happy and our customers successful.  With our ability to automate complex processes, mitigate risk, and an expert team in place, we are able to pass savings down to our customers to provide a Win-Win solution for everyone.

Our Mission

… is to become an expert Merchant of Record

for our customers at the fraction of the

cost of them doing it without us





Our Values

Customer Experience

Our success is driven by our customer’s success

Respect & Humility

We embrace unique individual talents and honor diverse work and live styles

Passion for our Work

The drive and motivation to be better is what we strive for

Continuous Improvement

We measure, monitor, analyze and improve productivity, processes, tasks and ourselves at all times

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We have satellite offices around the domestic United States but our headquarters is in Florida, US.


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Our Headquarters

4000 Hollywood Blvd
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